Almost Homemade Berry Bread

So I love to make stuff homemade, but let’s be real. We don’t always feel like making everything from scratch. It’s just not practical if you have any type of responsibility, such as a job or kids or both.

Well, I have both. I love to take something in a box and dress it up. One of my favorite cooking shows on Food Network used to be Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade. I loved how all of her recipes had shortcuts. Oh, and she always had the best tablescapes! If you watched it, you know what I’m talking about.

Sandra Lee’s Halloween Tablescape: Nightmare Before Christmas

Well, I was craving some warm, moist bread with berries that I could enjoy in the morning with coffee! My favorite. I dug through the pantry. I do this quite often when I’m craving stuff and I will try to see what I can make with what I already have. I spend a lot of time at the store (mostly Target!) and if I can avoid a trip that’s a good thing.

I noticed I had a boxed blueberry muffin mix. I didn’t want to make muffins though. I saw the suggested recipe for cooking as bread, but I wanted to add something else. This muffin mix comes with a can of blueberries. 

So, I open the fridge and see that I have about a cup or so of strawberries that look like they are on their way out. I’m going to add them..

I chopped them up in small, bite size pieces. This will add more moisture, texture and flavor. However, I feel like that is not enough. What else can I add? Citrus would be a great way to brighten it up, but I didn’t have any citrus fruit. I did however have orange extract. A splash of that should work perfectly.

I mix it up and place it in my bread pan. I recommend placing parchment paper to make removing the bread a little easier. I don’t like to cut the bread in the pan. It’s usually really hard to get the first piece out and I like being able to take the whole loaf out and cut it in equal size pieces.

The cooking time suggestion was 35-40 minutes. Mine needed to cook for a little longer. Let me just say that this bread was amazing. It was moist and flavorful. The zing from the strawberries and the orange extract was perfect. If you decide to try this, I would suggest having some lemons on hand that you could zest and juice. You can also add any berries you want of course. Blackberries and raspberries would be delicious! I always suggest whatever is in season.



  1. Carol Centrella

    October 19, 2017 at 11:12 am

    I will have to try it with GF mixes!

  2. Mary McDonald

    October 19, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Sounds good! This is a good time of year to make baked goods to have with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! Of course, give me coffee! I saw a cute t-shirt that said Pot Head and it had a coffee pot on it. 😂☕️

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