What a Difference a Coat of Paint Makes

Have you ever looked around your house and thought, “Man, I would really like something new and refreshing?” Well, I do this just about everyday. We moved into our beautiful house about a year ago and the downstairs was completely remodeled. Now keep in mind this house was built in the 90’s. 

My new favorite room in our new house!!!!!

This is my kitchen! I fell in love with this kitchen and the entire downstairs!! We new the upstairs was a little outdated, but this kitchen more than made up for it!

The upstairs is perfectly fine, but it just doesn’t flow with the rest of the house! 

Beige Doors with Brass knobs. So 90’s!!

The entire upstairs is beige! Just doesn’t do it for me. Now the first thing I wanted to do to update the look was paint all the doors white!!

So here’s a sneak peak!! You can already see the difference, and that’s just one coat of paint! I forgot to take a picture of the paint and supplies I used, so I will show you that on my follow-up post! You’ll also see the new hardware!! I’ll share which ones I purchased and where!!!

Bailey was not happy being ignored while I painted.
Bailey is not happy! Why aren’t you playing with me?

Now, if painting stresses you out then don’t try to do it in a day. I painted 1 door a day!! It took me a week to paint all the upstairs doors!

Also, when I paint the rooms I will do something very similar. The first day I will tape everything off. Day 2 I cut in the edges and apply first coat. Day 3 I cut in and fill in the 2nd coat. Day 4 I remove the tape. It’s okay if it takes you 4 days to paint a room. Trust me, you’ll be much happier. Because let’s be honest, none of us have time to spend 6 hours painting a room. Our days are filled with plenty of chores, work, and miscellaneous tasks. Don’t make it a big deal if it doesn’t have to be…… Stay tuned for updates!!

Are you planning your own painting projects?? Share with me in the Comments!!


  1. Mary McDonald

    August 31, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    Looks great! That’s a good way to do it. I’ve got a lot of painting that I want to do. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets again, and was thinking of doing a couple of them a day. I have a lot of doors, drawers, and hardware to remove and prep. It’s daunting to try to do it all at once! I also need to remove the border in the bathroom upstairs and paint! Just need to get motivated! You may have inspired me! 😀🤗

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