About Me

Hello! I’m glad you have discovered my blog.

Lone Mtn Hike

I am here because I am a thirty-something female that has worn many different hats in her life and is continuing to try on more!! Ha! Having all of these different experiences has made me the woman that I am today. I hope that you find this blog helpful.

I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee (Go Vols!) I graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee in Biological Sciences. After a few internships that didn’t lead to jobs(although they were experiences that I will never forget), I decided to do what I thought I did best: Teach, I went to graduate school and received my teaching certificate for science. I also decided to pursue a Masters degree in Biology and Education, cause why not?

Me and my crazy Dad in Knoxville

My journey really begins here. While student teaching at the age of 27 I met my husband. Married at 30 we both knew we wanted to experience something new. So…..we packed it up and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. We lived there for 6 years. I met some of the greatest friends that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life! I quit teaching and pursued my passion for the environment. I was lucky enough to find a job in Sustainability, which led to a promotion that introduced me to working alone and being the sole person in charge of running an environmental management program. I loved it. Working with people, training and teaching. Creating events and programs. This job was made for me, but just like anything else we do day in and day out it can lose it’s luster.

Viva Las Vegas! After my husband received a job offer in Las Vegas, we decided we were ready to move on. New adventures, and then a year later we arrived in Arizona. We’re putting down roots here and trying to add a new member to our family!!!

Lee Canyon hike

So here I am. I am starting a new career being self-employed. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I am ready for the challenge. I’m glad you are here to join me on my journey.