The Girl That Grills

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Well, if there’s one thing that I really love to do on a beautiful day… It’s have a cookout (or swim if the pool was warm enough). As you can see, I like a variety. Beef sliders, chicken sliders, and veggie burgers. The chicken sliders were a recipe from Ree Drummond. The veggie burgers were from Trader Joe’s. They were a quinoa base.

I love having people over to the house. I like entertaining. Mostly because I enjoy planning a menu, cooking, and just hanging with friends.

I use Pinterest a lot! I’m actually obsessed with Pinterest! I’m not as bad as I was 3 years ago, but I’m still on it 4-5 days a week. Click here if you want to follow me!

It’s usually the manly-men who “man” the grill, but this girl loves to grill.

Oh, and did I mention that the girls also love a cookout. “Yay, random people always feed us!”

I’ll be adding posts about any Pinterest Pins that I try! That is mostly recipes, but I do occasionally use it to DIY or research something! Stay tuned…..

Recipes that I made for this BBQ from Pinterest: Potato Salad, Corn Salad (I’ve been making the Corn salad for several years now. I love how light and fresh it is.)